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Do you think about the energy of the food you eat? We are taught to think about the nutritional properties of food. The macro-nutrients like protein, fat and carbohydrates or the micro-nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals. We think about the component parts of food, but not the whole.

But that’s only part of the picture of what our food provides. Our food also provides its own energy, or life force. It’s why a supplement often doesn’t provide as much benefit as the food source of the same nutrients. It’s missing the life force.

Have you ever noticed how you feel after eating a big bowl of warm stew? You feel warm, nourished, grounded. How about after eating a big, raw salad? Or a glass of wine? Do you feel the same as you did after eating the stew? Or different? You are feeling the energetic qualities the food imparts. Equally as important as the nutrient content.

Thinking about all food in this way, and adjusting your decisions to reflect that knowledge, opens up new possibilities for guiding your life and your health.

Adding an energetic perspective to your diet and lifestyle is the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

Within our community are the strategies, knowledge, hands-on skills and support to make it easier to enjoy more whole foods and vegetables.

Courses and information are based on a macrobiotic, plant-based approach. Infused into the content is an energetic approach to diet and lifestyle.

Littleveg Community Membership is Closed to New Members



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What People are Saying

Teresa has had an amazingly positive influence on the way my family eats. Some of her recipes have become family favorites for us, such as sauteed kale, barley soup, and lemon pudding. I also really appreciate the simplicity of her recipes – you won’t have to track down fifteen ingredients or spend hours in the kitchen, and she recommends a variety of substitutions so that you can make a great meal with what you’ve got on hand. Teresa has inspired me to be intentional about the ingredients I use when cooking for my family.  I feel so fortunate for the positive impact Teresa has had on our family’s diet.
Teresa not only planned and cooked delicious and satisfying meals, she was a patient cooking teacher to family members. And she did it in a profoundly calm and peaceful manner.  Teresa is a gifted chef, teacher and healer – I most highly recommend her.

About Teresa

BS in Community Health
Plant-Based and Macrobiotic Chef
Doula, Nanny, Energy Worker.

As a child I would often lie face down outside in the grass during a rainstorm.
The Earth has always grounded me and helped me connect to myself.
It makes sense that it grew into a lifelong love of plants and sharing them with others.
I focus on vegetables because I think their power is undervalued. Increasing the vegetables in my diet has changed my life. I hope you will find this to be true for you, as well.